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International Detective Institute Karl Schopf

For 44 years we have been independently active in the national and international security sector and hold all licenses in the security industry of the Republic of Austria. We work closely with partner offices at home and abroad worldwide. We are active in the European Union, Switzerland as well as the USA and are especially specialized in searches in Eastern European countries.

Kommerzialrat Karl F. Schopf is a state-certified and licensed professional detective, vice president of the Professional Association of Austrian Professional Detectives, FÖBD and former deputy head of the professional group in Vienna.

He is a member of the Professional Association of Swiss Private Detectives, FSPD and affiliated to the International Commission of Detective Associations, IKD. He is a member of World Association of Detectives inc, WAD. From 1983-2001 he was a sworn member of the examination commission for the licensing examination for the trade of professional detectives within the framework of the Magistrate’s Department 63 and for 19 years he was a lay judge at the Labor and Social Court of Vienna.

Talk to us! Our consultation is free of charge.
We develop a concept for your problem.

What do we offer?

Support in the legal field

We obtain physical evidence and/or testimonial evidence in labor court proceedings (employee disloyalty, firing facts, etc.), divorce proceedings (proof of marital misconduct), criminal proceedings (incriminating or exculpatory evidence for defense or private participation), unfair competition proceedings, landlord-tenant litigation, and screening of witnesses.

Fighting in the economic sector

In the business sector we offer anti-theft services, fraud detection, industrial and corporate counterintelligence, counterfeiting of goods and trademarks, detection of employee embezzlement, debtor investigation and applicant screening.

Protection in the safety area

In the field of security we offer armed protection of persons (bodyguards), escort of business delegations, object and personal protection, defense against computer crime and detection of wiretapping, eavesdropping, video surveillance.

We create certainty

Does your partner have an extramarital relationship? How trustworthy is your partner?

We conduct observations and surveys for you in Europe, but also in non-European countries. Contact us for a free consultation.

Help with stalking, persecution, surveillance or if you are being bugged

Are you being followed or bugged? Are you being monitored? Talk to us. We locate GPS transmitters, as well as wired transmitters, built-in video cameras, other transmitters, etc. Due to our knowledge and experience, we are authorized by the Industrial Code to trace devices used „for the unauthorized transmission of images and sounds and of electronically stored data“.

Surveys in Russia and adjacent countries

We conduct international surveys and specialize in the defense against white-collar crime, primarily in Russia, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as in neighboring countries.

Confidential transportation worldwide

We carry out confidential transports for you worldwide, such as documents, patents and other documents with the appropriate means of transport.
Private aircrafts of any kind are available.

Special service for insurance and shipping companies

Talk to us – we will bring back your leased items. We also search for stolen vehicles, ships, yachts, helicopters, airplanes, etc.

Assistance in other fields

In other areas we offer discreet procurement of confidential information (e.g. as a decision-making aid), tracing of debtors and procured capital, tracing of unknown heirs, clarification of slander, defamation of character and damage to credit, vehicle as well as personal recoveries, in particular recoveries of stolen and embezzled coaches, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, yachts – ships (professional shipping).